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Somewhere Beyond the Sea~ Sigynthevictorious


Loki was startled as she suddenly felt Sigyn grasp her wrist, jolted out of whatever strange spell that she might have been prey to. “I…I don’t know.” She admitted worriedly. “I think they were trying to call me back, but I didn’t know what to do.”

"Look, just come back down here" she asked, the worry evident in her eyes. "Do you want to do back, truly. In your heart?" she asked. 

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Loki bowed his head respectfully to Aria and then turned to leave, putting away the things that he has been carrying and then returning to their chambers, standing quietly out of the way whilst they conversed, wondering what she’d make him do next, glad that he and Sig had figured out a way to get away from her and Odin on Vanaheim. Once they seemed to be done talking for a moment, he stepped forwards. “Is there anything else you need?”

Sig sat down as Aria scurried around the room. “Yes, hold this” she told the Jotun and shoved a ball of wool into his hands. Soon she was sat in her chair and called Loki over to sit on a stool beside him. Sigyn was dismissed by his wife, so with a sigh he left, kissing his wife’s cheek and giving Loli a secret smile before leaving. Once left Aria began to knit with the wool Loki held, “tell me about you, what was your home like?” she asked sweetly. 

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Sigyn nibbled at the mini pizza once they arrived and smiled over at him, “so why did you really ask me out here?” she asked. 

"Well, grabbing burgers at a fast food place wasn’t going to cut it," he pointed out. "Kind of a sucky impression to make on the first date."

Sigyn laughed and nodded, nibbling on a pizza crust, “but why did you ask me out? You don’t even know me” she laughed. 

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Happy Family || lyginnarfadir


He sighed softly as he stared at her. He shook his head slowly. “No, no I won’t. He’s safe I have made sure of it. But you will take that draught and you will rest. In the morning we will wake and you will apologize to my mother for your behavior. You will apologize to Father for the embarrassment you have brought upon us during the feast and then you will go to the healers so they can assess your sickness. If you behave normally then you can see our son. But I will not have a mad woman in the same room as him, not even if it is his own mother.” 

His words were empty and with out emotion as he stared at her. It pained him to see her like this but at the same time he wanted to put a stop to it before it got worse. “As for your wounds”, he motioned to her arms. “If you do such again I will have you locked away in the dungeons for your own safety. The woman I married would not act as such, like some crazed animal clawing at herself. The woman I married was composed and level headed and not some crazed beast. Until that woman returns I shall be sleeping elsewhere with my son”, he informed her quietly yet with a firmness to his voice. 

Sigyn felt her heart sank as Loki still refused her permission to see her own son. “Loki please, keeping me from him won’t help me. It;s making me worse. Please, just let me see him for a few minutes, just so I can see he’s fine then I swear I’ll stay here, speak with your family tomorrow but please. Seeing him will calm me I swear, I won’t stay. I’ll stay here if you wish” she begged, walking over, tear filled eyes as her hands clutching his shirt in a plea. 

As he mentioned her wounds she grabbed a cardigan and put it on, covering her arms as she crossed her arms protectively. “I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. It’s something I’ve always done when I’m scared or anxious” she mumbled. “I’ll take the vile, I’ll stay here rest, speak with your family but just let me see him for a few minutes” she wept. 

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He smiled softly as he watched her. The way the moonlight shone on her giving her a faint glow. “Oh not much really, mostly my duties as member of the royal family you know keeping Thor from doing something stupid. Then we went for a ride and came back here to have meal and drink with the Warriors Three”, he replied as he smiled over at her. 

"Thank you though, for being pleasant. Thor knows you dislike him and you merely put on an act. He spoke to me about that as we went for ride. I could not give him reason as to why you seem to dislike him and it troubles him. Not even I know why really. I mean yes he can be a bit much but he is my brother and I do love him dearly. Why do you hate him so? Or I suppose I could ask why does it seem like you dislike being here?” he asked quietly. 

"Of course, well I’m glad you had a ncie day" Sigyn mumbled, running her hands along some of the flowers and leaves as they walked. 

"Does he? He’s not as stupid as I thought" Sigyn said, her face showing no emotion and her eyes not meeting Loki’s. "I know you do and I am not going to stop you from that, but you can’t expect me to love everyone. This is your home, not mine. I miss my home is all, the home your father invaded, the one his men attacked, slaughtered my people and turned us into Asgard’s slaves. Your brother is just like Odin and it makes me sick. There’s a reason why I didn’t want to come here, marry into his family. How could I after everything they did to us? I cannot forget what they did, what I saw. Can’t you see that?"

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If you hurt my brother there is a 100% chance I will come to your house and kill you.

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Somewhere Beyond the Sea~ Sigynthevictorious



Sigyn smiled and curled against Loki, entwining their limbs together and closed her eyes. 

Loki fell asleep rather promptly, glad to be curled up in Sigyn’s arms and keeping close to her throughout the night, at least until she awoke rather suddenly at what must have been the middle of the night, her eyes going straight to the window. She ever so carefully slipped herself out of Sigyn’s grasp, not even realising that she had settled on the window seat beside it and had pushed it open, almost compelled to feel that the ocean down the path was calling to her, almost in a trance as she realised that she actually could feel it pulling her. Then came the voices, or at least a sort of singing that she knew not any humans could likely hear, almost on the verge of running down the stairs and out of the front door to go and dive in the sea again when she realised it was likely her family, making a rather under hand attempt at luring her back.

Sigyn grumbled upon feeling the bed move and it took a couple of minutes for her to awaken. Unable to feel Loki she partially sat up trying to look for her. Hearing the sound of the waves she looked to the window, quickly grabbing Loki’s wrist upon seeing her there. “What’s wrong?” she quickly asked. 

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"Very true, I would enjoy to return home and Aria seemed to enjoy the tales of my home and she is a princess there now. It’s expected of her, and a hunting trip would be good. We can do the things you want to try, if you’re up for it?" he teased. 

"Of course." Loki nodded. "But it’s good to see that you’re listening to my advice. It’s a plan that’d easily come to fruition, after all, seeing as we’re out of Odin’s reach there."

"I’m not a deaf fool all the time" Sig laughed, "and getting away from here would be best for all" he smiled.

Once back at the palace they were greeted by Aria who practically jumped on Sigyn and gave him a kiss before turning to Loki, keeping her arms wrapped around one of her husband’s. “You can put those things away, thank you” she said before turning her adoring eyes back to Sigyn. “Was he good? Did you catch anything?” she asked. Sigyn shoo his head, “we caught nothing but he was good, he will serve you well my love”. 

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29: Illegally leaving the country

"Are you sure about that?" He asked. "We’ll never be able to get back if go, right?"

As they walked, Loki often pushed his family into a different direction, due to the fact there were guards in the way. “So why are doing this again?”

"Because it’s safer not to be here, and come on. Do you want to spend the rest of your days here?" she teased, keeping her voice soft so not to draw attention and also to soothe Vali who began to fall asleep over his mother’s shoulder. 

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letthefrostbite asked: Loki was panicked, he ran home and to Sigyn, he was holding a baby. "Sigyn, I found a woman dead in the courtyard and her baby was laying beside her." He said holding the baby protectively, children had always been a soft spot for Loki, especially when there were no parents. (got an ask that resulted in this)



Hearing the door opened Sigyn turned, assuming it was one of her boys but raised an eyebrow at Loki’s state. “Dead? What happened to her?” she asked, going over to see the baby in his arms. “Let me get her warm” she insisted, watching the child with worry in her eyes. 

"She is so perfect, the only way she could be more perfect, would be if she was ours by blood." Loki hoped that she was not seriously ill due to her abnormally small size.

"Aye, well maybe we could give her a sister of our blood" Sigyn said, wrapping her arms around Loki and watching the sleeping baby with a smile. 

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